Do you offer a studio tour?

No, since we handle a lot of confidential information, we don't offer any kind of studio tours.

I'd like to have an interview with your employees.

We don't accept any interview requests from individuals.

I'd like to work for FromSoftware. Where can I get career information?

Where can I get information on the FromSoftware games?

Does FromSoftware officially use any SNS?


Can I put the gameplay videos and screenshots of the FromSoftware games on a video sharing website, my blog, etc.?

We don't give permission to upload the videos and screenshots that show any portions of our games for any purpose other than personal use due to copyright issues. Also, any commercial use of such videos and screenshots is not allowed. (e.g. showing at a restaurant or a shop, or any events that require admission fee, broadcasting on the internet, etc.)

However, this does not apply to video sharing and broadcasting through the uploading function provided on gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox One, etc.).

  • we will not take any responsibility for any damage caused to a third party or a person who uploads such videos and screenshots.

Can I show my creative works (e.g. artworks, fan-fiction, sculptures, etc.) based on the FromSoftware games and characters to the public?

We don't limit the use of our games and characters in your works as long as the images of such games and characters are not undermined. However, any commercial use of the games and characters is not allowed. (e.g. sales of such works, exhibitions that charge admission, etc.)

  • For sales and exhibition at amateur events, we may give you a 1-day permission if you apply for our approval prior to such event.

Can I use music of the FromSoftware games?

We don't give individual permission to each customer. Regarding the use of our music, please stay within the law.

However, any commercial use of our music is not allowed. (e.g. playing at restaurants or stores, recitals and concerts that charge admission fee or that pay the performers, etc.)

This website

I'd like to provide a link to your website on my webpage.

Please make sure to link it to our top page as other pages are subject to change without notice. We are not approving any links from any commercial or illegal websites.

Would you add a link to my webpage on your website?

We aren't accepting such requests from anyone except for our business partners.

Can I use the images and music on your website?

Any use of the images and music on our website is not allowed.

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