Do you offer a studio tour?

No, since we handle a lot of confidential information, we don't offer any kind of studio tours.

I'd like to have an interview with your employees.

We don't accept any interview requests from individuals.

I'd like to work for FromSoftware. Where can I get career information?

Where can I get information on the FromSoftware games?

Does FromSoftware officially use any SNS?


Can I upload gameplay videos and screenshots from FromSoftware games on a video sharing website, social networking site, blog, etc.?

Other than for personal use, we don't permit the uploading of videos and screenshots that show any portions of our games due to copyright issues. This does not apply to videos and screenshots uploaded through sharing functionality provided on gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox One, etc.). However, any commercial use of such videos and screenshots is not allowed. (e.g. showing at a restaurant or a shop, or any events that require admission fee, broadcasting on the internet, etc.)

[Please note]

  • Broadcasting functionality, etc. on PlayStationR4 is native to the game console, and so is acceptable for non-commercial use.

  • Broadcasting using functionality native to the Steam client is acceptable for non-commercial use.

  • We respect the customer's judgement in regard to the type of content and where it is published, but in the event that you publish content, we ask that you please do so in moderation.

  • The company accepts no liability in the case of any damage incurred by the content publisher or third parties involved.

  • While permission is given for non-commercial use, we do not prohibit standard advertising models in place on the content publishing platform (e.g. YouTube bumper ads, overlay ads, display ads, etc.).

  • Even in the case of permitted distribution methods given above for published/uploaded content, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to remove content that goes against public policy or features gameplay videos of unreleased titles, etc. (We will not respond to individual inquiries regarding evaluation criteria.)

Can I show my creative works (e.g. artworks, cosplay, fan-fiction, sculptures, etc.) based on FromSoftware games and characters to the public?

We do not place any special restrictions on the publication of artwork, etc. for the sake of personal enjoyment. However, the following is not allowed:

  • Commercial use of content (e.g. sales of such works, exhibitions that charge admission, etc.)

  • Content that goes against public policy, presents ethical problems, or otherwise considerably harms the image of the game.

We reserve the right to remove content at our discretion. We will not respond to individual inquiries regarding evaluation criteria.

The company takes the creative endeavours of its users into account, and may offer consent in certain cases.

For exhibition and sales at amateur events, we may offer a 1-day permission provided you obtain our approval in advance through procedures set by the event organisers.

Can I use music from FromSoftware games?

We don't give individual permission to each customer. Regarding the use of music in our games, character voice-over, sound effects, soundtrack compilations, etc., please keep usage within the limits recognised by law. We ask that you please refrain from usage that falls outside of this scope.

Also, any commercial use of our music is not allowed (e.g. playing at restaurants or stores, recitals and concerts that charge admission fee or that pay the performers, etc.).

Can I use gameplay images and music at a school event (e.g. arts festival, sports day, etc.), in class or as part of a report assignment?

You do not require the company's permission to use game images or musical works within the limits of the classroom at a school or educational institution.

However, pertaining to copyright law, use is not permitted if any of the following cases apply:

  • Materials are intended for commercial use (e.g. events that involve monetary awards or admission fees, selling of publications that use images or illustrations, etc.)

  • Copies of the materials are made by faculty staff or those attending the class.

  • The works have not yet been officially announced.

  • Usage is intended for use outside of the class (e.g. distribution, printing or publication outside of the school, etc.)

  • Usage goes beyond the limits of what is deemed necessary (e.g. compiling and selling materials, etc.)

  • Usage causes undue damages to the copyright holder, with disregard for the type, purpose, number of copies, condition of the works (e.g. large quantities reprinted with the intention of selling, etc.)

This website

I'd like to provide a link to your website on my webpage.

Please make sure to link it to our top page as other pages are subject to change without notice. We are not approving any links from any commercial or illegal websites.

Would you add a link to my webpage on your website?

We aren't accepting such requests from anyone except for our business partners.

Can I use the images and music on your website?

Any use of the images and music on our website is not allowed.

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