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You agree not to engage in any of the following acts while using this site. In the event that FromSoftware suffers a loss as the result of your violation of this Article, you are liable for indemnifying FromSoftware for the full amount of such loss.

  • Any act that offends or is feared to offend public order and morals.

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  • Disclosure of your own personal data or that of a third party’s personal data (including names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses).

  • Commercial activity, sales, transfers, or any act to solicit or assist with such sales or transfers, whether such acts are for profit or not.

  • Any defamation or slander of a specific person or an organization.

  • Impersonation (the act of assuming the identity of a specific person or an organization).

  • Any act that compromises the reputation or credibility of FromSoftware or a third party.

  • Any criminal act or any act that leads to or has the potential of leading to a criminal act.

  • Any act that damages the service system of this site or disrupts its operation.

  • Any act of using or providing a malicious program, such as a computer virus, or any other act that has the potential of so doing.

  • Any act that violates or has the potential of violating laws, regulations or ordinances.

  • Any other act that FromSoftware deems inappropriate.

Submission of Ideas, Information, etc. By Customers

As a general rule, FromSoftware declines to accept any ideas, notes, diagrams, concepts and any other suggestions submitted regarding new products, technology, designs, manufacturing methods, advertising, marketing, etc. (hereinafter, “Ideas, etc.”) except in cases where we explicitly ask our customers to do so. Please be advised that you are deemed to have made your submission in agreement with the following terms if you make a submission to us in spite of this policy:

  • FromSoftware does not guarantee that it will keep your Ideas, etc. confidential, or that it will treat them as information that has a proprietary value.

  • FromSoftware is under no obligation to examine, evaluate or adopt your Ideas, etc.

  • Even in the unlikely event that FromSoftware adopts an idea that is either identical or similar to all or part of the Ideas, etc. submitted by you, FromSoftware is not liable for any claims by you with regards to the submission of the Ideas, etc., including the payment of compensation to you.

Browser Compatibility

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Limitation of liability

FromSoftware uses the greatest care in the presentation of information on this website and in its maintenance and operation. Nonetheless, we provide no warranty as to the accuracy of the information content therein, or as to the usefulness, suitability of use for your purposes, or safety thereof.

Furthermore, FromSoftware is not responsible for any loss that may result from your use of or inability to use such information, or from your use of this site.

Revisions, etc.

Please be advised that FromSoftware reserves the right to revise or delete without notice any information contained in this site, the content of the services provided, or their terms of use. Furthermore, we may suspend or terminate the operation of this site. FromSoftware is not liable for any loss that you may suffer as a result of the following, irrespective of the reason thereof: a) the revision or deletion of information; or b) the suspension or termination of this site.

Governing Law and the Court of Jurisdiction

Matters concerning validity, interpretation and application with regard to the use of this site are governed by the laws of Japan. You agree that any conflict arising out of or relating to the website between you and FromSoftware shall be discussed in good faith between the parties to reach a resolution.

Should litigation become required, however, the Tokyo District Court shall be the competent court of the first instance.

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